Mushroom Burgers

for dinner tonight i marinated and grilled portobello mushrooms and served them with sliced cheese, grilled pineapple slices, and sliced onions on naan bread. they were delicious. it was a nice light meal to eat on a hot evening. i served this with cucumber salad made with cucumbers that we grew in our garden. here's the marinade for the mushrooms...

recipe my own creation
olive oil
cider vinegar
ground coriander seed
ground cinnamon
pressed garlic clove
freshly ground pepper

...i forgot to take pictures again


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somer, sorry I called this meal "fru-fru". It actually sounds great as I read about it. When I told Kathy about it after the phone call, she responded with something like "yummy". The kind of food my California wife immediately loves. Hope you and the girls are well. By His grace, John

1:49 AM  

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