Roasted Chicken Potatoes and Asparagus

tonight i rubbed a chicken with olive oil and sprinkled it with garlic salt and paprika. then i arranged cut up red potatoes around it in the roasting pan and drizzled them with olive oil. i cooked the chicken for a total of an hour and a half on 400. about 15 minutes before the chicken was done cooking i placed the asparagus spears on top of the potatoes and drizzled them with a little more olive oil and sprinkled them with course sea salt. this dish was really easy to make and there weren't a whole lot of dishes to clean up since they all cooked together. however i only thought it tasted okay. the potatoes were kind of mushy and greasy from sitting in the chicken drippings and the chicken didn't get as crisp as it usually does because of the potates sitting around the bottom of the chicken.


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