Strawberry Cake

this afternoon i experimented with making a strawberry cake. i was trying to work on something new for the cafe. my grandmother makes this great strawberry cake made with a white cake mix from a box, frozen strawberries, and strawberry jello. i was trying to make one without a box with fresh strawberrries and no jello. i didn't want to use a box because it's not very cost effective for trying to sell it at the cafe. i used fresh strawberries because i couldn't find frozen ones. i didn't use the jello because cafe forever only serves halal food and gelatin is not halal. all this to say that my cake was not very good at all and the one my grandmother makes is much better. i might just try making a white cake with strawberry icing next time or i might just give up because the original is so much better and just not make it for the cafe.


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