today for lunch we all made our own wraps. i layed out a selection of items from which to choose and the girls had a great time layering their stuff onto their wraps. andi loved hers and ate a good amount of it. jodie didn't like something that she put on hers (i think it was the caesar dressing) so she just picked the meat and cheese out and ate it. just about anything can be put into a wrap. just take a tortilla and start layering and then roll. i like to cut mine in half for easy eating. for some ideas of what to use here are the things that i let the girls choose from...ham, sliced cheese, cream cheese, mayo, caesar dressing, leftover sliced steak, letttuce, parmesan cheese, roast beef, tomatoes, and anything else you can think of...use your imagination!


Anonymous sue passerelli said...

What a great idea! I love to get wraps when I'm out. Why not make them at home. I bet the girls did have fun making their own. Any chance you or Dan will add some more pictures soon?

4:06 AM  

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