Valentine's Day Cupcakes

the girls have a valentine's day party tomorrow at school and today we're decorating cupcakes. they had a grand time helping me mix up the batter and then icing them and putting on all the sprinkles. for the cupcakes i just used my normal chocolate cake recipe which is hershey's "perfectly chocolate" chocolate cake and i just made a white icing from butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk which i got from the The Joy of Cooking. did anyone else doing any baking/decorating for valentine's day?


Anonymous kelley wolbert said...

hi somer! :)
i'm so excited, now i have regular internet access so i can see all of your new recipes all the time (and maybe venture to try some too!) i made my very first cheesecake for valentine's day this year, and it turned out really well. the recipe was a friend's, so i give all credit to her, but i loved it. (andrew did too, even better! :)) next time i'll have to remember to get caramel for on top. . .
~ kelley

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Jenn Irvine said...

hey somer. it's jenn from london.
how are you? how are things in the america? Are you guys settling in for a bit? hey... i don't think that I have your email address (and couldn't find it on your site). Can you send it to me? Mine is

12:10 PM  

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