Peppermint Brownie Christmas Trees

jodie and i made these for her class christmas party today. i made a batch of peppermint pattie brownies and cut them into tree shapes with a cookie cutter once they were cool. i thought they turned out really well and they were much easier and quicker than cutting out a bunch of cristmas cookies.


Anonymous kelley said...

somer those brownies are a great idea! :o and your home for the housewarming party, it looked fabulous!!! wish i could'a hopped a plane and come on over. :)

1:39 PM  
Blogger eurorebs said...

ANOTHER great and brilliant idea!

I saw "The Holiday" tonight - just makes me want to be there with you know, Jude Law and all... hahaha! Ok, maybe that wasn't that funny... ;)

3:55 AM  

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