Camden Town Walk

andi's class is learning about camden town as part of a geography unit they are doing. yesterday i went with them on walk to see camden town. we took them to regent's park where they could play on the large playground there. the kids had a great time running around, swinging, sliding, and digging in the sand. on the way back to school some of the kids were pointing out a bus stop and reading what buses stopped there. "the c2 stops there! the c2!" the teacher asked them where the c2 went (i don't think he expected them to know). they immeadiately replied "oxford street!"


Blogger eurorebs said...

Oh goodness. Maybe I should have the kids show me all the bus routes when I get there! :) I'll remember that - the C2 takes me to Oxford Street...

Love you and miss you!!

8:12 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

How impressive! Sounds like a nice field trip.

10:10 PM  

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