Caramel Apple Tart

last week i tried making a lemon tart. i don't know if it was the recipe or me or a combination of both, but it was a disaster. the recipe was not very clear and it took me two attempts just to get the tart to set right. when i finally got it set it just didn't taste very good. all of this said, i still had some extra crust dough leftover that i needed to do somthing with. the crust was the one good part about the tart, but it made a ton. so i got to thnking about apples, but i wanted it to be different than the apple pie i normally make. and then it hit me, caramel. i pulled out my joy of cooking and looked up caramel sauces. so here's what i did. other than the tart crust you should be able to replicate it. so next time you find yourself with some extra dough on hand, give this a try.

press crust dough into a 9-tart pan with a removable bottom. bake tart shell for about 10 minutes. make a simple caramel sauce by melting some sugar and water and cooking until it turns amber and then adding butter and cream. (look up caramel sauces in a good all purpose cookbook.) pour caramel in the bottom of the partially baked pie shell. arrange thin slices of peeled apple. drizzle with a little caramel. bake for about 30 minutes. serve with extra caramel sauce drizzled over.


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