Dessert Flop

this morning i worked at cafe forever. my plan was to make a variation of banoffi pie and put it in a parfait glass. for those of you who don't know banoffi pie is a graham cracker crust layered with toffee, sliced bananas and whipped cream. it is very rich and delicious. normally the toffee is made by boiling a can of unopened sweetened condensed milk for about two hours. i do not have that much time when i'm working at the cafe so i needed another plan. i looked the recipe up on the internet and somebody recomended doing it in the microwave out of the can and it only took about 15-20 minutes. so this was my plan, though i had never done it before. so to make a long story short a couple of hours later and a mixture of a couple of methods later i ended up with more of a lumpy chewy caramel instead of a smooth toffee. i was very dissapointed. i couldn't put it in a parfait glass because it would have looked really bad. i wanted to throw it away, but i was talked into making it into a pie. i did. i still wanted to throw it away. i didn't though. they ended up trying to sell it, though i wouldn't let them call it banoffi pie. instead it sold under the name caramel banana tart. next time i try this it will be at home and i will get it right before making it in the cafe again. this seems to be my week of dessert flops, first the strawberry cake and now banoffi pie.


Anonymous sue passerelli said...

I'm sorry your two desserts this week were "flops" as you call them. In light of all your fabulous successes, perhaps you can put these aside. I fixed a lemon-pepper chicken that one of my students makes and Bob asked if it was a "Somer" dish. You're getting quite a name for yourself.:-) I think tomorrow I'm going to try salmon with couregette fritters and peppers. Wish me luck.
Love you,

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