Mushroom and Spinach Ravioli/Fettucine

i've been wanting to try and make my own ravioli for a while. i love fresh ravioli! but i don't have a pasta maker. a friend of mine suggested buying fresh pasta for lasagna and making ravioli with it. so on wednesday i tried it. i made the filling by sauteing chopped mushrooms, chopped spinach, and garlic in olive oil and then mixed it with marscarpone cheese and parmesan cheese. then i cut the sheets of pasta in squares and put a little bit of the filling in the middle and placed another square of pasta on the top. however i was unable to get the pasta to stick together. it was like the sheets of pasta were just too stiff. it just wasn't going to work. so i ended up cutting up the pasta into strips and cooking it and then serving the filling on top and drizzling the pasta with a little bit of olive oil. it ended up being really good! and a lot easier than stuffing all that ravioli. i would still like to try making ravioli again some time. i think my friend is goint to lend my her pasta machine. i let you know how it goes.


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Hi Somer,
The trick to the Ravioli is to brush egg wash on the four edges of one square, fill it then pinch them closed. I picked that tid bit up from Emeril.
I love your recipes and can't wait to try them.

Love to Dan and the girls,
Aunt Jeanie

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