Victoria and Albert Museum

yesterday i went with andi's class the the victoria and albert museum in south kensington. we travelled on the tube to get there. someone at the station escorted us down to the platform and then informed the driver that we were getting on and where we were getting off so that he could wait for us to all get on and off again. we had to make one train change and someone met us again when we got off and helped us navigate the station as a group and get on the train again. and when we arrived at our final destination someone met us again and helped us to make our way our of the crowded station, even stopping foor traffic so that the group didn't get separated. it was quite an experiance to travel on the tube with about 25 five year olds, but the museum was interesting too. the year 1 class has been learning about toys from the past and old houses and how people used to live and trying to develope a concept of history. so at the museum we saw some old toys, a dining room that used to be in an old house, an old bed, and some plates. the children had to stop and pick several items along the way to draw a picture of. they really enjoyed doing this and showing all the adults their pictures. i had never been the the v & a before so it was fun to see.


Anonymous sue passerelli said...

Sounds like an interesting place. You're getting lots of exposure to places to take visitors. :) What did Andi choose to draw?

I can picture all those kids getting onto and off of the tube together. The last time I took a field trip to DC on the Metro, some of us got separated from the rest of the group. Glad you had people helping your group stay together.

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