Boot Sale

dan went to play football this morning with julian and some other lcm guys. while he was gone i went to my first boot sale. the local school was having one on their football field around the corner. for those of you who don't know a boot sale is where people park their cars in a big field and sell stuff our of the boot (or trunk) of their car, in other words a flea market. i went for the experiance and as a fun activity for the girls this morning, not really expecting to buy anything. i had two quid in my pocket. after browsing around for a bit i saw a Maclaren Twin Traveller Strollerthat i've had my eye on for a while. the lady held it for me while a made a run to the atm machine. after all was said and done i walked away from my first boot sale with a new stroller and two katie fforde books (The Rose Revivedand Stately Pursuits). what a fun morning!


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