Brownie Strawberry Parfait

this is what i made at the cafe today. it was really delicious. i wish i had thought to take picture because it looked really pretty too. it was very easy to make. here's how to do it.

make a batch of your favorite brownies. cut up some strawberries. whip some cream. and layer.

i put mine in some tall thin glasses, but a large wine glass would also work well too. i layered everything twice and ended with whipped cream on top and topped it with a strawberry. so it went; brownie, strawberries, whipped cream, brownie strawberries, whipped cream. make sure that you place the strawberries near the outside of the glass so that you can see them. all of the layers look very pretty. again i wish i had taken a picture. i think they would also be good made with vanilla ice cream instead of cream.


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