when i made the cupcakes earlier this week to decorate i decided to pur some of the batter in these individual cake molds instead of using them all to make cupcakes. so this evening i made a different dessert with them. in the microwave i melted together some dark choclate with cream and some white chocolate with cream to make two different chocolate sauces. then i took the dark chocolate sauce and spread a little bit in the middle of the plate and placed the cake on top of it. after that i poured some tia maria onto the cake gradually to let it soak in. then i spooned more dark choclate sauce over the top and then drizzled it with the white chocolate sauce. they turned out really good. dan said he would like them better with more white chocolate and less dark chocolate, so you could make them the opposite way instead; spoon the white chocolate over and then just drizzle with the dark chocolate. for the cake part the chocolate cake recipe that i always use is here


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