Dance Class

we signed jodie up for a dance class this week. she had her first class today. when i picked her up from the class she said it was "really fun". half way through the class they have a short break where they can eat a snack if they brought one. everybody else had brought their snack in a lunch box, but jodie did not have a lunch box. guess what we did on the way home? stopped to buy a lunch box. she was thrilled that the woolworths had a princess lunch box. she is now looking forward to using her new lunch box next saturday to bring her snack in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's good to hear that you're settling in. I'm so glad everything worked out for the girls with school. They look adorable as always.

Love to Dan and the girls and Happy Belated Birthday to you and Jodie. Wow...can't believe Jodie's 4.


11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, I miss my lunch boxes. I'm pretty sure at one point I had a Rainbow Bright lunch box...

Miss you, love you, praying for you...and can't wait to share life with you in (Lord willing) seven months!

3:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea, em, that was me - silly rebs.

oh, hey, i finally finished one of the five books you loaned to me and mom - i'm lovin' sarah mason :)

3:44 AM  
Anonymous kelley said...

ohhh my, jodie in dance class? that's too adorable! she's going to have so much fun. :)

1:19 PM  

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