Half Term Week...Again

the girls are off school this week. i've again been busy coming up with things to do with kids in the city. the weather hasn't been great this week, so it's been a little tricky. today we went to see the national gallery in trafalgar square. the girls enjoyed the fountains in trafalgar again and looking at all the paintings in the gallery. there was a special exhibit called take one picture that displayed some children's artwork that the girls really liked. then we had lunch at mcdonalds, browsed in borders, and sat in starbucks drinking coffee, eating chocolate cake, and reading magazines.


Anonymous Sue said...

ooohhh - lunch at McDonald's and dessert and coffee at Starbucks. Does life get any better?? Can't wait to share some of both with you all.

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really fun day!

10:36 PM  

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