What I Did Today

went to starbucks the morning with andi and jodie and bonded over frappuccinos
went browsing in baby gap with the girls...found some sandals that jodie liked and needed, but didn't have her size...we left in tears
had lunch at home...i had leftover potato soup, andi had a hot dog, and jodie picked at a peanut butter and honey sandwich
the girls played in the sandbox while i watched and read...it was sunny and warm
the gilrs take a nap
i work on gathering reciepts and recording reimbursements
the tesco man arrives with my groceries
i unpack and put away the groceries
i make chocolate chip cookies for the hub while finishing reciepts
the girls wake up
i'm still working on reciepts and cookies
we drive to bethel pick up dan and go to the post office to mail stuff, including the reciepts
dan drops us at home and goes back to the hub
i finish cooking the rest of the cookies and start dinner prep
talk to my mom, she usually calls at this time
finish making dinner and cleaning up the kitchen
dan comes home
eat dinner
brush the girls teeth and get them ready for bed
put them to bed with dan
dan goes back to the hub
i wash up all the dishes from dinner
i blog

things that didn't get done...
cleaning the bathroom
cleaning the girls room
putting away clean clothes from when i did laundry three days ago


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I check it every day.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous sue passerelli said...

Here's my list of things I didn't get done today... put away clean laundry from three days ago, return overdue library books, finish cleaning up the kitchen...

3:11 AM  

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