so today we got jodie some new sandals. yes they are the same ones that we left the store crying about yesterday. we went to another baby gap and they had them in her size. she was so excited about them that she carried them around in the bag all day until we got home and then she wore them all evening and jumped around in them. dan had meetings at headquarters all morning in the city so the girls and i went in to meet him for lunch. we left a little early so that we could go to the baby gap on regent street. the day was a personal accomplishment for me as i took the train into the city and got around the city on the tube all by myself with the girls. it was my first time. the girls did a great job staying with me and getting in and out of the stroller and walking up and down stairs and getting on and off of the escalator, very few stations have elevators. after having lunch in the pub across the street from lcm we decide to go to notting hill and walk around. i finally got to go to this book shop i've been dying to go to. it's called books for cooks. it is a bookshop dedicated entirely to cookbooks and they have a working kitchen in the back that they offer classes in. i could definately spend all day in there and quite alot of money! it was a really fun, but exhausting day and we managed to be walking around in the rain again.


Anonymous sue passerelli said...

Great shot of Jodie's sandals and feet! Somer, what an adventure - getting around with the girls alone. Having been there with you, I can picture all the changes with the steps and escalators. You should feel quite a sense of accomplishment.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the sandals/feet! Having been to London and traveled on the tube I know what victory it was for you to travel with 2 girls and a stroller!

1:48 PM  

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