Creamy Baked Chicken Breasts

this is one of my all time favorite meals. it is also really quick and easy to make and good leftover. there are lots of good reasons to make it! i got this recipe from my mother-in-law and i can't remember where she got it from, but here it is. oh and i forgot to take a picture of it, sorry.

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
4 or more slices provolone or swiss cheese (i like provolone better, but i could only find swiss here)
1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup chicken boullion
bread crumbs (or crushed ritz crackers or crushed saltines or crushed stove top stuffing mix)
melted butter

place chicken breasts in a square baking dish. cover the chicken with cheese slices. mix together the chicken boullion and soup and pour over chicken and cheese. mix the bread crumbs with the melted butter and sprinkle over everything. bake @ 350 F for about 30-45 minutes. serve over rice.

steamed broccoli or asparagus go well with this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss the pictures! But I'm going to try this one for sure.

11:46 PM  
Anonymous sue passerelli said...

The recipe came from the Southern Living 1983 Annual Recipes book.

2:34 AM  

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