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this morning i took the girls to school and then went to the cafe. i took a different route today and avoided some traffic. i was able to cut about 20 minutes off of my time and ended up being the first one to arrive this morning. i swept and mopped the cafe floor, chopped vegetables, made tuna salad, made cheese salad. my knives made the chopping pleasant, there is nothing like a good knife. at noon i left to go and pick up the girls and then pick up dan from ley street. we finally got home about one. we all had lunch and the girls went down for a nap. dan was home for the afternoon, so i took the opportunity to run to the grocery store. tomorrow everyone is staying for lunch after moms and toddlers and i needed to buy some food to bring. when i got home i read a magazine for a bit and did some laundry. dan is out tonight so the girls and i just had leftovers for dinner while we watched mary poppins, their new favorite movie. i just finished putting them in bed and i'm exhausted.


Anonymous sue passerelli said...

So glad you found a quicker route. I'm sure they are all DELIGHTED to have you there. busy day - I could just picture the relief after getting Andi and Jodie in bed.

6:05 PM  

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