we had a busy weekend. yesterday we went into the city to go to london city mission's annual general meeting. we went and had lunch at a cafe and made an appearance in the exhibition hall. we then went and walked around and sat in starbucks for a little bit. dan then went back to the main meeting. the girls and i went and walked around. we found a small playground next to the thames that occupied them for a long time. today after church we had this couple over for lunch. he is in seminary right now and is an intern at the church we've been going to. she is pregnant and due to give birth to twins any time now. we had a really nice time with them. i will tell you more about what we had to eat tomorrow when i'm not so tired.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Somer,
Your blogs are the best. Thanks for being so faithful with them. We miss you guys.
ps JOSH GOT HIS P.E. license!!! He passed!!!

1:59 PM  
Blogger Somer said...

hey Laurel,
thanks for reading my blog. tell Josh congratulations! you guys should come to london to celebrate :)

2:10 PM  

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